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Adult Confirmation is celebrated in the diocese twice year, in the Spring and in the Fall. Adult Confirmations April 24, Registration is now closed at both parishes. Adult Confirmation Adults who have never been confirmed are invited into this process of preparation which is intended to deepen the baptismal commitment to discipleship through formation, prayer and increased involvement in the community. New .

The Adult Confirmation candidate may request the sacrament if he/she: is at least 18 years old and out of high school. is validly baptized and able to renew baptismal promises. A copy of the baptismal certificate, less than six months old, is required. We will work with you to obtain it. Our Adult Sacramental Preparation program prepares baptized Catholics for the sacraments of Confirmation, Eucharist (First Communion), and Reconciliation. Class information will be available in the coming months. Deacon Bill Lucido will be journeying with the class during this preparation. For more information contact Deacon Bill at , by email .

The term “Adult Confirmation” as used in this document refers to Roman Catholics who have been baptized, have celebrated their first Communion and are seeking to celebrate their confirmation at an age later than the usual age for confirmation in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee (age ).File Size: 50KB. Christenings Weddings Adult Baptism Confirmations Funerals Vocations. Section highlights. Confirmation FAQs Stories of calling The Ministry Experience Scheme. Prayer and Worship. Baptism and Confirmation apart from a Celebration of Holy Communion. Baptism and Confirmation within a Celebration of Holy Communion.

The Process of Adult Confirmation Formation is to prepare adults who have been baptized, received first Eucharist and are actively practicing their faith. This process is done in a person’s “home parish.” A person’s “home parish” is that parish where. Adult Confirmation Classes * Our Winter session is now closed. We will offer another course in the Fall of Welcome! We are so happy you are ready to complete the Sacraments of Initiation by pursuing Confirmation. We offer a week course that prepares you to receive the Sacrament in Spring