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Evaluating Program Effectiveness: Planning Guide 9 Sample Logic Models Below are two examples of completed logic models based on adult education evaluation goals. Logic Model for Improving Integrated Education and Training (IET) Participation and Outcomes. To provide curriculum and staff development activities for Adult, Career & Technical Education staff that will encourage the use of integrated curriculum and application based learning. To seek and include business and industry partnerships in planning, implementation and evaluation of all instructional programs.

Consider the various elements of Sork's planning model within the context of your chosen area of interest. Readings • Boone, E.J., Safrit, R.D., and Jones, J. (). A review of major programming models in adult education. Developing programs in adult education, pp. • . adult education in this organization is conditioned by a multitude of forces. Administrative style, political considerations, fiscal resources, educational priorities, and available facilities exemplify the factors which impact upon program planning and presentation in public school systems.

2. Planning Educational Program Rothwell and Cookson () proposed a comprehensive Lifelong Education Program Planning (LEPP) model. In the model they identified four quadrants in program planning: “exercising professional responsibility, engaging relevant contexts, designing the program, and managing administrative aspects” (p.8). The Interactive Model of Program Planning Rosemary Caffarella’s interactive model of program planning provides an interesting approach to creating a model for planning programs. With no particular beginning or ending, it places the decision making process within the hands of a person responsible for planning programs for adults.

As a course textbook, I would prefer Boone, Safrit, and Jones's Developing Programs in Adult Education, because of the didactic approach in the book and the more comprehensive treatment of the theory and review of other models of planning programs. I feel this book would be very effective for anyone involved in program planning, at any analingus.xyzs: Compare and Contrast Program Planning ModelsIn preparation for meetings or projects, there are various program planning models that can be used to assist adults depending on the goals of the program. It has been known that these models have greatly helped adults as the outcomes have benefited from careful planning.