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The reason I write and know about forced feminization is because of what happened. I was ten years old and my mum got a call from a parent, who lived on our street, who asked if I wanted to come to their house and play with their daughter. I thought that girl, Poppy, was cool, so I agreed. I left my house, crossed the street and knocked on the. In this article Marcy discusses some male feminization steps that can be used to create a more convincing feminine image when it comes to crossdressing! This can mean wearing women’s clothing, putting on makeup, using mannerisms that are more on the feminine side and in some cases, taking female hormones to make some physical changes.

Dec 27, - Explore JERROLD FOX's board "FEMINIZATION", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about sissy, sissy captions, crossdressers pins. Forced feminization imagery in many ways parallels religious iconography. By using similar formal techniques involving composition, lighting and the gaze, both establish for their reader a divine and unquestionable order of social hierarchy. Through this research, Sofia hopes to explore and speak back to the complex relationship between gender.

Crystal's StorySite is a free site dedicated to TG fiction. Hi, I'm Crystal. Welcome to StorySite. Access is free to all. There are NO fees or charges to visit here. Forced feminization is when a woman demands that her partner wear feminine style clothing and underwear. She may ask him to wear it underneath his regular clothing or ask him to wear it while doing tasks around the house. She may make him wear makeup or put bows in his hair.

Sissy Dream is an online store for Sissies, Crossdresser's and Transgenders. Feminize yourself with our collections of panties, bras, wigs and sissy toys ♥. If feminization is to occur in a genetic male, there must be an increase in estrogens as well as a decrease in testosterone. Think of it as a see-saw.