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Laughing can make you live longer. Read up on our old age jokes and “getting old” jokes to live forever. Getting old doesn’t have to be sad. Make fun of those grey hairs with these old. 50 “short, clean jokes that get a laugh every time” to distract you from COVID and Brexit There are two responses possible to Britain leaving Europe – screaming all day on social media that the world is ending, or burying yourself in displacement activity.

Jokes. Funny Animal Jokes That Will Make You Laugh Wildly By January Nelson Updated September 29, Unsplash / Geran de Klerk. You are going to laugh like a hyena once you hear these funny animal jokes! By January Nelson Updated September 29, Unsplash / Geran de Klerk. 1. Where do mice park their boats? Communist jokes aren’t funny unless everyone gets them. Geology rocks, but geography’s where it’s at. I buy all my guns from a guy called T-Rex. He’s a small arms dealer.

And for that, we have a solution: Come up with a few blonde jokes of your own—or use one of these. Whether you've got natural platinum locks or have a standing appointment with your stylist every six to eight weeks, these blonde jokes are guaranteed to make you chuckle. When a joke is bad, then it means it is offensive however funny it is. If you notice, this kinds of jokes have all to do with insulting peoples moms and dads or attacking people’s pedigree. Well, we will go into more mature details about it.

Entries were shortlisted by a panel of judges led by comedy critic Bruce Dessau and put to an anonymous public vote of 2, British adults to reveal the winning jokes. Here are the Top 1. Not all jokes are meant for kids, that is why we have specifically listed these jokes for adults. Just make sure the kids are not around while you go through them. But of course the jokes are very funny, so you might not be able to control your laughter. These nuggets of gold were diligently sourced for and not just randomly picked.