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Lung size was evaluated with pulmonary function tests in 10 patients with acromegaly, 1 pituitary giant, and 1 patient who had acromegaly but now has hypopituitarism. In the six acromegalic men all lung volumes were increased. The average values and per cent of predicted were total lung capacity liters. %; functional residual capacity liters, %; vital capacity liters, . Did you know that the maximum amount of air your lungs can hold—your total lung capacity—is about 6 liters? That is about three large soda bottles. Your lungs mature by the time you are about years old. After about the age of 35, it is normal for .

Roshan Yadama/CC-BY A human lung is about the size of a football and weighs approximately 1 pound, according to the British Lung Foundation. The surface area of the lungs is similar to that of a tennis court. The right lung is a bit larger than the left lung, the British Lung Foundation explains, as the left lung must share space in the chest with the heart. The weight of the left lung, by standard reference range, in men is – g (– lb) in women – g (– lb). The left lung (left) and right lung (right). The lobes of the lungs can be seen, and the central root of the lung is also present.

The total volume of the lungs is about ml in adult men and ml in adult women. At end-expiration, the volume of air within the lungs is about L, whereas at maximal inspiration it may be 6 L. Taking a rate of breaths per minute (about 17, breaths per 24 hours) results in approximately 10, liters of air inspired per day. Typically, a man's lungs can hold more air than a woman's. At rest, a man's lungs can hold around cubic centimeters (about pints) of air, while a .

Adult human lungs vary greatly among individuals. The average length is 10 to 14 inches (25 to 35 cm) and the maximum width about 4 to 6 inches . Lung volumes and lung capacities refer to the volume of air in the lungs at different phases of the respiratory cycle.. The average total lung capacity of an adult human male is about 6 litres of air.. Tidal breathing is normal, resting breathing; the tidal volume is the volume of air that is inhaled or exhaled in only a single such breath.. The average human respiratory rate is 30–