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Since , our history has been immersed in the tradition of the game and has been recognized by dignified friends and families. From the moment members drive up to this hidden gem, a beautiful setting and a broad range of activities for all ages awaits. Membership is highly sought and much valued. Donor Club Memberships with one named adult are entitled to bring one accompanied guest per day, per membership. Donor Club Memberships with two named adults in the same household receive one set of member benefits and are not eligible for accompanying guest privileges.

Adult All-Access $65 Per Year. Adult All-Access members are eligible to compete in all USA Archery events, clubs and developmental programs. All member benefits are available to All-Access members. “Complementary Training blog is a must read blog for any strength & conditioning coach, but especially those who work with mixed sports such as the field sports (soccer, rugby, NRL, AFL, hockey), court sports (tennis, squash, basketball, ice-hockey) or intermittent short duration sports (fight sports, surfing etc).

To help our members and clubs, Archery GB has produced some step-by-step guides to using our online membership system. These can be downloaded below. We encourage all members to login to the online system to check and update their details before the 30 September. This will help club secretaries renew their members quickly. Adults (age 21 or older) who meet the camping requirements may be selected following nomination to and approval by the lodge adult selection committee. Membership Levels While there are three levels of membership (called "honors") in the Order of the Arrow, all members—regardless of honor—are considered equal.