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Apr 15,  · Just because a novel is on a national bestseller list—or sells hundreds of thousands of copies—doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. The reverse is also true, especially of genre fiction, fringy fiction—a lot of the good stuff comes and goes virtually unnoticed. Take vampire fiction, for example. May 09,  · These vampire books are not marketed to the young adult audience and either a part of a series of a single book. 11 Best Adult Vampire Books 1. ‘Salem’s Lot – Stephen King. Stephen King introduces the reader to the town in a way that it makes one feel as if he had actually been there. The reader will get to know many of the residents.

Adult Vampire Novels show list info. This list is exclusively composed of popular vampire novels written for an adult audience. Only a True Bookworm Has Read 45/66 of These Young Adult Novels. 11, 66 Willow's Books to Read in a Lifetime to Be Well Read. 12, Top 50 Greatest Novels of All Time. 21, 50 Books Everyone.