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Adult R.E. Team. Our Adult Religious Education Team plans informative and stimulating programs in keeping with our vision to engage our intergenerational community in faith development and life-long learning with a spirit of curiosity and openness. Ideas for and questions about adult R.E. programming may be emailed to the team. Top of Page. Adult Religious Education. As Unitarian Universalists, we affirm a free and responsible search for truth and meaning that extends throughout our lives. We recognize that our individual needs, hopes, and beliefs may change as life changes us. Our programs are a set of planned activities that enable people who share a sense of spirituality.

Education. Lenten Resources. Youth Religious Education. General Program. Grades K Grades Grades Households of Faith. RCIC. Adult Religious Education. Becoming Catholic. Light Of the World Retreat. Ministries. Ministry Overviews. Liturgical Ministies. Health & Bereavement. Parish Nurse. Health Ministry Volunteers. Knitting Ministry. Adult Religious Education Learning about the Orthodox faith is a life-long pursuit. Being well grounded in our Orthodox faith is important as we face the challenges of life: our careers, marriage, raising children, welcoming grandchildren, confronting health issues, loss of loved ones and our own mortality.

Adult religious education usually falls along three basic categories: Learning the Tradition; Deepening Knowledge of the Tradition; Applying the Tradition. Learning the Tradition. Many of the adults in Orthodox parishes grew up at a time where there were few religious education programs or resources available. Adult Religious Education is a facilitated process of exploration and dialogue in a safe environment, conducive to growth, using planned and prepared curricular resources to gain increased knowledge and understanding of oneself and the world.

Adult Religious Education. As Universalist Unitarians, we believe that continuing to learn and maintain an open mind is vital. In that spirit, we regularly offer Adult Religious Education (RE) courses on a wide range of topics. Examples of past topics: Developing a personal spirituality “Intelligent design” and . Adult Religious Education. About Our Program. RCIA—The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the process that the Church invites you to take part in. It takes place in our Parish on Sunday mornings. Candidates for the RCIA process are as follows.