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Mar 14,  · Log The Spanking – Within 24 hours, you are to add the spanking to our spanking log detailing what you got it with and other insight as to how the spanking went. Optional: If you feel so inclined, you may also write me a letter of thanks or thoughts of the spanking you just received. So that’s it. My real spanking rules. An adult game set in a post-apocalyptic sci fi/ fantasy open exploration world. indivi. Simulation. AfterSchoolGirlfriend for Oculus Quest%. Girlfriend simulation for standalone vr. In alpha ver having some dance animations, fullbody handtracking mechanics. Nekuma. .

Aug 21,  · I’ve also never been involved in the New York City BDSM scene as an adult. Once — and only once — I went to a nightclub devoted to spanking with my college roommate and a few of our friends; I “played” with the guy I was dating at the time, a strange man watched us, and the whole event creeped me out that I never had a desire to go back. Jul 29,  · The night was a success, everyone was respectful and conversations weren't at all "spank" related; instead the spanking quarters were separate and conservatively called the "play" area. I would.

Adult Games. Whether you are snowed in, have nothing to do and are looking for a way to have some fun or want to spice up your love life, indulging in a sexy board game or two is the perfect way to pass the time. Spending an intimate evening alone with your partner is not always about the physical. If you're looking to rejuvenate intimacy. A Spanking Christmas: Punishing My Woman For Christmas. 12/17/ — 2 Comments. Chris, General. Christmas Surprises. 12/13/ — 0 Comments. Chris, Spanking. Deck The Halls With Kinkiness. 12/10/ — 2 Comments. Chris, Spanking. Down A Countryroad Spanking My Woman On The Road. 11/23/ — 2 Comments. Chris, Spanking. Foreign.

Top 10 Bare Bottom Spanking Scenes in Movies. top ten spanking in video games. 8. 0. Video Games. Top 10 We Bare Bears characters. 5. 1 Top 10 Sex . Feb 10,  · This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use .