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adult sports injury prevention ppt - PPT 1

Using the PowerPoint presentation The PowerPoint presentation is designed to be used in different training situations: • As a stand-alone presentation • In conjunction with the trainer’s manual and the participant guide • In conjunction with other parts of the soft tissue injury prevention program to allow a more in-depth. Avoid as much movement as possible to limit further injury! Don’t put any/or minimal weight on the injured part! I- ice! apply a cold pack/ice pack to the injury for 20 minutes every 2 hours (wrap in a towel- do not apply directly to skin)! Continue this .

Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention. Promoting fitness in your practice is important, whether you're a team physician or you receive requests to evaluate student athletes for team sports. 3. Flexibility and injury risk may be joint specific: possibly inherently stable joints – greater flexibility will reduce injury risk 4. Inflexibility may be a more important independent risk in primary, but not secondary prevention of injury Summary: Stretching and sports injury prevention Lifestyle Psychology Nutrition Strapping and bracing.

Nov 25,  · injuries that most commonly occur during sports or exercise accidents, poor training practices, improper equipment, lack of conditioning, insufficient warm- up and stretching 3. injury to the brain joint displaced soft tissue injury overstretched ligament cracked or . Sports Injury Prevention. Every day, millions of children and young adults participate in sports activities. They can range from track and field to football, swimming to soccer, and gymnastics to ice hockey. Sports Injury Prevention (download PowerPoint file) Sports Injury Prevention (view online) Brochures. Preventing Youth Sports Injuries.

Sports Injuries Treatment - Sports injuries are a fairly common problem. Sports injuries can be caused by high impact activities that occur during sports. Sports injuries can occur in either the joint, ligament or muscle. You can learn more about treating these sports injuries from the ppt .