Vintage Antique Erotica 1946 - macabre erotica


macabre erotica - Vintage Antique Erotica 1946

Macabre Erotica Portfolio #1. Signed and Numbered by Tim Vigil. SKU: TVPort12A: Price $ Free Links for Sale!Patreon (as low as $1) channel

The symbolically potent pairing of eroticism with the macabre has a long, well-established tradition across many different cultures. The artists of the Northern Renaissance in Europe gave us the now familiar Death and the Maiden motif with its inherently erotic subtext. Around the s, the macabre erotica of ero guro congealed in literature. Mystery and detective novels proved perfect for the genre to self-actualize (law and order, gore and sex?).

If a film is a thriller with scenes of softcore sex or nudity, it is probably not an erotic thriller unless illicit romance or erotic fantasy is central to the dramatic conflict, as . The erotic, macabre art of Virgil Finlay, favorite illustrator of H.P. Lovecraft Finlay’s cover for the May issue of Weird Tales Master of exquisitely detailed images that often combined the sexual and the scary, Virgil Finlay was born in Rochester, New York in

The high point of van Maële’s work came in –7, when he produced La grande danse macabre des vifs, and fifteen powerful etchings for Paul Verlaine’s ‘erotic trilogy’. Alongside his trademark erotica, Van Maële also illustrated classics, starting with the illustrations for . erotic, discover hundreds of dark artworks for sale and buy them directly from the artist. erotic dark surreal macabre art by emerging and renowned artists from around the world.