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Oct 29,  · Condoms of all kinds are brilliantly engineered to fit snugly and stay on while you have sex. So, “please, don’t try to impress your partner by trying to MacGyver a makeshift condom from household. Sep 03,  · Dude, no one knows, because aside from repressed rightwing Republicans who are too afraid to buy condoms (a quick ticket straight to hell!), plastic grocery bags are not used for STD protection.

Apr 18,  · condom broke i didnt cum i had pre cum and my girl was on her period can she be pregnant??? sex with a small plastic bag plastic bag ripped I used a plastic bag instead of a condom Plastic bag for fingering Condom broke and I am stressed I was a virgin i had sex without a condom but i'm having every symptom of being i? Oct 27,  · A plastic bag. This one is more than an old wives’ tale. Just last month, a pair of students from Vietnam used a plastic bag as a barrier method because they were too embarrassed to go out and buy.

Sandwich Bags Now you can get even more use out of your biodegradable sandwich baggies! What’s great about vacuum packing your penis in plastic is that you have full control over the tightness of your DIY condom. Please see the step-by-step image tutorial on our Imgur page. Mar 28,  · Anytime you have sex there is a chance of pregnancy even with a condom. The fact that you used a plastic bag is of some concern as the bag may have had small rips or tears in it. Even if it was a brand new plastic bag I would not have used it because it .

Sep 16,  · Because the couple, from Vietnam, used a PLASTIC BAG while having sex as a means of contraception instead of a condom. While we can all roll our eyes and chuckle at how ludicrous an idea that.