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protocell and breast cancer - Sexy Belly and Breast Play

Oct 25,  · Protocel Cures Pharmacist’s Breast Cancer As a senior pharmacist who had dispensed medications to countless people over more than 30 years, Julia was emotionally broadsided when she . For instance, the Alternative Cancer Treatments Comparison and Testing website, which has a wonderfully catty criticism of Protocel relative to Cantron, which is, according to the website, so much better than Protocel, even though the unwashed masses buy more Protocel because they “mistakenly believe that the Protocel .

Protocel is a very unique antioxidant liquid formula that is not only one of the easiest and least expensive alternative treatments for cancer patients, it is also one of the most successful. . If you are willing to consider alternative therapies, I hope you have read Ty Bollingers book, which provides an excellent overview. There are also tapes of a cancer conference he organized earlier in the year. Protocell .

Oct 03,  · The products of their companies are Protocel (R), Entleve (R) and Cancell (R). Protocel is purported to work by blocking the production/energy of ATP in the cancer cells, which in turn lowers the voltage of the cancer cells, causing the cells to eventually break apart. . Other articles related to cancer on this website: Minerals And the 7 System – with notes on cancer. Cantron Or Protocel. Black Salve. Oxygen Therapies. The Cancer Pioneers. References. 1. American Metabolic Laboratories, (Florida) () They offer a good panel of cancer .

Apr 08,  · Cancell/Cantron/Protocel, also known by the names Sheridan's Formula, Jim's Juice, JS, JS, F, and the "Cancell-like" products Cantron and Protocel, is a liquid that has been produced in various forms principally by two manufacturers since the late s.[1,2,3 ] It has been promoted as an effective therapy for cancer . Protocel Pronunciation: (PROH-toh-sel) A liquid that has been promoted as a treatment for a wide range of diseases, including cancer. The ingredients thought to be in Protocel have been tested, and none of them have been shown to be effective in treating any form of cancer. Protocel .